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The Braces Diet: How and What to Eat During Treatment

The Braces Diet: How and What to Eat During Treatment

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Braces have changed since you were a kid – and even since your college-aged kid was in braces. Technology has come a long way, and there are a number of options available to children, teens, and adults.

For most situations, the standard brace is still stainless steel, but a much less cumbersome version than most of us remember. Given that most individuals will experience common braces there are a number of foods to definitely avoid, but more to still enjoy.

The Hard, Tough, Sticky, Chewy Truth

If the food you’re looking to eat falls into any of these categories, it’s best to choose something different. Your braces which will be attached to your teeth – while quite durable – can have their effectiveness impacted when certain textures come in contact with them. Hard or tough foods like popcorn, ice, nuts, tough bread, chips, jerky, etc. can apply pressure that could potentially break elements of your braces. Also, sticky foods that are already difficult to eat without braces will become nearly impossible with them. Chewy candy like Starbursts, taffy, licorice, etc. these will get stuck in brackets and wires.


It’s sometimes easy to focus on what you can’t eat – suddenly black licorice sounds good when you never liked it before, right? However, there are so many more things that you can still enjoy that represent every single food group. From cheeses and puddings to soft bread, grains, fruits, vegetables and more, you will have more options than you realize.

When it comes to choosing what you put in your mouth, just consider the bit of hardware you have in your mouth and whether it can withstand the force of what you’re about to eat. If it was a harder-chewier-messier-difficult to eat before, it’s likely not a good idea now. While most soft to medium-texture items are going to be just fine.

And you know what? Mistakes happen, and we’ll fix it. Brackets and wires loosen or break – we’re here to fix it. And while we’re fixing it, we’ll take the opportunity to check on the overall status of your braces and help you make the maximum amount of progress possible in that visit.

Want to learn more about what braces will entail and what life with them will be like? Visit this page to learn more at https://drsgiannettiandbooms.com/services/

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