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Looking for Transformative Changes to Your Oral Health and Smile?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and a straight, healthy grin displays confidence, openness, and friendliness to everyone who sees it. Even more importantly, an aligned bite helps you maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime!

Drs. Giannetti and Booms have created a short quiz to help you assess your orthodontic needs and provide you with suggestions for moving forward. Simply answer the following questions in reference to the individual that is interested in, or possibly in need of, orthodontic treatment. You will receive your results right away!

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Step 1 of 11 - Question 1
Your friend shows you a candid photo of you smiling. What’s the first thing you notice?
The gap(s) in my teeth.How crooked my teeth are.How happy I look!The fact that I’m not showing my teeth. I don’t like to smile with my teeth.None of the above.

Step 2 of 11 - Question 2
Let’s check if your bite is aligned. When you close your mouth, do your four back teeth (molars) sit directly on top of one another?
No, they are more to one side.Yes, they seem to be lined up.I’m not sure and/or I can’t tell.

Step 3 of 11 - Question 3
Do your lower teeth sit in front of your upper teeth when your mouth is in a neutral, closed position? This is commonly known as an underbite.
No.Yes, and it’s very noticeable.Yes, but it’s not very noticeable.

Step 4 of 11 - Question 4
The opposite of an underbite, an overbite happens when the upper teeth are further forward than the lower teeth. Do you have an overbite?
Yes, and it’s noticeable.Yes, but I don’t think it’s noticeable.No.

Step 5 of 11 - Question 5
Crowding happens when there’s not enough room in your mouth for all your teeth. Do some of your teeth overlap or seem like they’re sharing the same space?
Not really, one or two overlap just a little bit.Yes, there are a few of my teeth that overlap.No, none of my teeth overlap.Yes, the majority of my teeth overlap and don’t have enough room.

Step 6 of 11 - Question 6
Do you ever experience headaches or jaw pain?
No.I have headaches and/or jaw pain on occasion, but not frequently.Yes, I have headaches and/or jaw pain at least once a month.Yes, I have headaches and/or jaw pain at least once a week.

Step 7 of 11 - Question 7
Snoring can be a sign of bigger health issues. Do you snore regularly?
I’m taking this quiz for my child, and they snore regularly.Yes, my partner has told me I snore regularly.I snore sometimes but not regularly.No, I don’t snore.

Step 8 of 11 - Question 8
Have you noticed your jaw popping as you open and close your mouth?
Yes, but not all of the time.Yes, my jaw pops almost every time I open my mouth wide.No, my jaw doesn’t pop.

Step 9 of 11 - Question 9
A misaligned jaw can cause damage to your teeth. Do any of your teeth appear to be worn down or cracked?
No, not that I’ve noticed.Yes, I’ve noticed some of my teeth looking shorter and/or worn down.Yes, I feel like one or more of my teeth has chipped due to my bite.Yes, I think my teeth are chipped and worn down because of my bite.

Step 10 of 11 - Question 10
Do you favor one side of your mouth when chewing?
Maybe, I’m not sure.Yes, but only when my jaw hurts.Yes, it’s easier for me to chew on one side.No, I think I chew normally.

Step 11 of 11 - Question 11



Looking for Transformative Changes to Your Oral Health and Smile?

Take the Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Assessment.

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